Show My Work




Sole Traders and Small Business


Showmywork is a solution which offers businesses the chance to show off their work both in their hand via their mobile device and also via a website application.

The Solution:

For businesses who rely on being able to visually show-off their work despite it not being readily available to the public - like domestic contractors of all varieties - this solution is one which allows the business to show their work to prospective sales via their in the hand mobile app. The application tags the project entered with a geo-location so that the examples can be shown in geographic context.

For ease, this product is accessible either from the mobile phone, allowing the work to be uploaded while on the move directly from photos taken while on site, or for the images to be collected on the mobile device and then sorted out and uploaded with relevant information later from their home computer.

The example(s) of work can be sent to the prospective customer via email having used a choice of email templates, arriving with to the recipient in a convenient pdf.