CFA Intranet


CFA Marketing




A custom intranet built to manage their agency marketing clients and work this was a long term project that delivered their internal management needs for almost 10 years. This was a build that actually put CFA one step closer to a fully blown CRM system without them having to layout the expense.

The Solution:

This system was introduced with the simple brief to provide an internal work management system. Having taken the brief from the collective hierarchy it turned out they felt they needed a custom system in order to address the varied aspects of their business being everything from online advertising to brochures to rebrands. The system had to deal with the concept of colour seperations and ​print advertising, through to production of websites and print brochures. In order to deliver this functionality it was soon evident that it was better to incorporate systems of client management and records along with an actual invoicing system as well.

Sundry functions were added as the solution evolved and also incorporated staff management, holidays and also time keeping. All of this was delivered in a web solution which was hosted internally and saved into a SQL database which was backed up via a separate system.