Web design and development

Talk to us about web design and development. We offer a wide range of solutions from low cost sites to interactive portals that include member sections and facilities for invoicing, placing orders and organising quotes.

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Professionally Designed

We will design you a beautiful, mobile responsive website. A website that actually gets the phone ringing.

Mobile Friendly Design

With over 50% of all internet traffic now coming from mobile devices, ensure your customers can check out seamlessly on a mobile or tablet.

Transitioning Slideshow

Bring your website to life with a slideshow, show-casing your work and creating a lasting first impression.

Update Service

Given that websites get ‘out of date’ sooner than we would like, we offer a service that allows you to discuss updating your website as and when it is required even involving redesigning as necessary.

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Content Management System (CMS)

Implementing one of the worlds most popular, fluid CMS architectures - Expression Engine - we allow you to update and edit your website whenever you like, as much as you like.

Custom Web Applications

Whatever your aim or desired objective, we can create a custom web-based application for you. Intranets, internal marketing tools, lead generators… whatever your need, we can help you realise it. Just contact us with a loose idea of what you want to achieve and we can discuss how best to bring it into reality.

Support and Guidance

We provide a support program which allows you ask for guidance whenever you need it. We can also provide a guidance service for you to request help with how to promote your website and what content to actually put on it.

Hosting and Maintenance

We manage a number of servers that we keep up to date in order to make sure they have the right security patches to keep your websites safe from intrusion or tampering.


To manage against unavoidable or predictable problems, we provide backup services that keep the website and its data backed up. In the event of a problem the website can therefore be rolled back to a previous version.

​Why your company should be using TTK Digital Marketing?

We do everything you would expect from a conventional digital agency - with one massive difference - we want to grow with you and if it sounds good we will invest in your future to give you the tools to prosper. We offer an incredible range of digital services, but we will also talk to you about joint ventures, ways we can grow your business based on sales generated. easing your cash flow. We also have a range of innovative promotional items to help charities fund raise and get companies noticed. TTK really is different from the rest - call us.