Press Marketing

Every day we see businesses getting exposure on major media outlets like Fox, CBS, ABC, and countless newspapers. Let our team work to get your business the exposure it deserves and get those bragging rights you’ve always wanted.

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​Well-written press releases bring recognition and build authority. The right press release strategy will help you become more successful in any marketplace.

If you want instant authority in any community, TTK Digital can help. We write our clients’ press releases, then get them published on major media sites. That’s the best way to spread the word about your business and earn that notoriety that we all desire.

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​The only way to become an authority is by showing thought leadership in your niche. A well-defined press release strategy builds your authority and helps you quickly gain authority and influence in your community.

By feeding online visitors a steady diet of valuable content in press releases, we can make sure you stand out as an authority above the crowd of competitors online.
Once you’re consistently publishing informative, shareable content the right way, you’ll win the authority game.

​Why your company should be using TTK Digital Marketing?

We do everything you would expect from a conventional digital agency - with one massive difference - we want to grow with you and if it sounds good we will invest in your future to give you the tools to prosper. We offer an incredible range of digital services, but we will also talk to you about joint ventures, ways we can grow your business based on sales generated. easing your cash flow. We also have a range of innovative promotional items to help charities fund raise and get companies noticed. TTK really is different from the rest - call us.